Why You Should Choose Long-Term Parking Over Drive Share Services  

Why You Should Choose Long-Term Parking Over Drive Share Services

Getting to and from the airport is already complicated and can be nerve-wracking because you want to make your flight. One option that seems like it might simplify things is to request a drive share service. But a better option would be to drive your own car and park in the long-term parking lots. You avoid a lot of unanticipated hassle if you have more control over your trips to and from the airport.

No Surge Pricing

Most importantly, there’s no surge pricing if you drive your car and park it in a long-term lot. The lot’s rates are set and don’t change from day to day. You know exactly what’s due when you get back and go to retrieve your car. The same can’t be said for drive-share services. Surge pricing is a regular issue that riders have to deal with. If you’ve never used a rideshare or drive share service before, surge pricing occurs when there’s a lot of demand for rides. The price goes up as demand goes up. It can be an unpleasant surprise because, if you’re trying to get to or from the airport, you can’t control whether you’re traveling at a time when surge pricing is unlikely. Imagine trying to get to the airport for a flight during a family emergency only to find out your ride share fee is double what you thought it would be; you can avoid that by driving your own car to the airport and parking in a long-term lot instead. And if you’re thinking that the surge pricing can’t be any worse than the amount you’d pay for parking all those days, think again. Long-term parking, depending on the airport, can be very cheap.

No Sudden Cancellations or Refusals

If you drive your car to the airport and park in a long-term lot, that’s it. You drive, park, and then either walk or take a shuttle the rest of the way to the airport, depending on which lot you parked in. If you arrange for a drive share service to pick you up, the drivers with the service can actually refuse to go to your home; they can reject your ride, leaving you stranded. Rideshare drivers do not have to accept rides because they’re independent; the company platform can’t force them to drive you. You’re dependent on them being OK with the distance to your home or the drop-off/pickup areas at the airport — and if they’re not, then they’re not going to accept your request for a ride. It’s much easier to drive your own car and park it at the airport. You’re not exactly going to refuse your own request for a ride.

No Worries About Parking Your Car at Home

Around the world, there is a revitalized focus on sustainability. It has also become a significant focus in airport operations. This enhanced focus extends to parking. Many airports are integrating eco-friendly options like solar-powered charging stations for electric vehicles. In addition, they are implementing sustainable construction practices in new parking structures.

Parking Guidance Systems

If you have a garage or driveway in which to park your car, leaving it at home is simple for you. But if you don’t have a garage, driveway, or even a parking space reserved for you in a lot, where are you going to put your car when you’re gone? You can’t leave it parked on the street as most cities have restrictions against leaving your car in the same spot and not moving it for more than two or three days in a row. You don’t want to have your car towed, so if you can’t find a friend who will let you park in their driveway, you’ve got a problem if you want to use a drive-share service to the airport. If you drive to the long-term lot, though, your parking problem is solved. If you’re not sure where to park at Philadelphia International Airport and don’t know what Philadelphia Airport long-term parking options exist, contact Jet Stream Parking. Our affordable parking lots are excellent places to leave your car as you fly away on your trip.