Summer Vs Winter Airport Parking: What To Expect  

Summer Vs Winter Airport Parking: What To Expect

When you leave your car at the airport during your trip, you may have a lot of concerns about its safety. Additionally, the time of year you leave on your vacation could cause even more concern. Summer and winter weather are complete opposites in Philadelphia, leading to different conditions for your vehicle. You’ll need to be prepared for the parking situation at hand.

Airport Parking in the Winter

Winters in Philadelphia can be pretty rough, with severe snow or ice storms that leave thick layers on everything. While the tarmac may be cleared enough for a safe landing, your vehicle may not be as fortunate. When you return from your trip, you may find that your car is covered in snow or even frozen shut. It’s best to keep de-icing tools handy in your trunk for the worst-case scenario where you need to spend some time clearing off your car.  Another consideration is your car’s battery. If you’re leaving it for an extended period, you need to take the same precautionary measures you would take at home for parking your car in the cold.

Airport Parking in the Summer

In the summer, the concern is the sun and the potential damage it can cause to your vehicle’s interior. While your car is parked, consider what you can do to protect all your surfaces. Start with a windshield visor. With travel at its peak during the summer, parking rates will be at their highest. You’ll want to consider any alternative you can for the best price for short term parking at the Philadelphia Airport. Finding a secure option that’s close to the airport will save you money and give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is safe.

Get the Best Extended Parking at the Philadelphia Airport

If you’re looking for the best extended parking at the Philadelphia Airport, reach out to Jet Stream Parking today. We have shuttle services running 24/7 to get you to and from the airport without a hassle.  When your car is parked in one of our lots, you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s safe because we not only monitor our property via camera, but also patrol, ensuring there is no sign of criminal activity. No matter the size of your vehicle, it will be welcome at Jet Stream Parking.