Planning Your Honeymoon? Plan for Parking Too!  

Planning Your Honeymoon? Plan for Parking Too!  

After months of planning and budgeting for the wedding, nobody needs an unexpected expense on their honeymoon. While making hotel and flight reservations, figure out the total cost of every detail into everything. When planning the honeymoon, plan for parking too.

Leave the Car Parked 

After the reception ends, don’t worry about asking someone to drive you to the airport. When you fly, plan for airport parking as a vital part of your honeymoon travel plans. The cost is usually well worth it to know your vehicle is safe and sound while you enjoy your getaway.  Consider parking that provides the following: 
  • Safety and Security
  • Nearby
  • Cost
  • Shuttle Service
  • Convenient Reservations 

Safety and Security 

One of the most important considerations when choosing a place to park your car is safety and security for you and your vehicle. When you select extended parking at Philadelphia Airport, ensure your car remains well protected. Ensure the parking area is well-lit and enclosed with a fence or monitored entrance and exit. A police officer, an armed guard, or a parking lot attendant adds to a feeling of safety. Security cameras on site are also a plus, provided they are maintained 24/7.


When you view your honeymoon destination online or on a map, everything looks much closer than they are. A place may look within easy walking distance when it is a mile or more away. Ensure the parking lot you choose for long-term parking before boarding the airplane is nearby.  Convenience may often seem like a luxury, but convenience is everything when it’s your honeymoon at stake. Finding parking far from your destination leaves you having to take time to walk. These extra minutes are inconvenient and could make you miss your flight. 


Affordability is a nice perk anytime, but especially on a honeymoon. You’ve probably planned a trip that costs more than you typically spend on a vacation. So, forking out extra unnecessary funds is not optimal.  Find affordable long-term parking that won’t leave you digging into the wedding gift cash. Be prepared for the total cost as part of the honeymoon budget. Also, consider that there are usually fees and taxes charged in addition to the cost of parking.

Shuttle Service

Choose long-term parking at a garage that offers a free shuttle service. Preferably, the shuttle service runs around the clock, so you are not left stranded, assuming you have a ride to and from the airport. 

Convenient Reservations

It’s your honeymoon, so you must consider every detail of your plans when booking in advance, including parking arrangements. Find a parking lot that lets you make and confirm reservations online or over the phone quickly and easily. 

Let Us Help 

Are you still undecided about what to do next when planning your honeymoon? Don’t forget to plan for parking too. Let the experts at Jet Stream Parking help you find the best parking near Philadelphia Airport We look forward to helping you enjoy the best honeymoon without unexpected parking fees. Contact us today!