How To Save Money By Planning Parking Ahead  

How To Save Money By Planning Parking Ahead  

Parking might seem like a small thing compared to the large cost of a trip, but all of those small fees can quickly add up, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Longer trips can cost hundreds of dollars because some airports charge $15 daily just for a car to sit in the terminal garage. Learning how to save money by planning parking can easily save you thousands in the long run. You need to keep a few things in mind to ensure you save money on parking.

Plan Parking Ahead

Planning ahead can help you save money on parking, just like it can on airline tickets. Parking at airports tends to be cheaper on certain days because fewer people travel on those days. Before scheduling your flight, check which days are cheaper for airport parking.

Utilize Jet Stream Parking

Jet Stream Parking offers cheap parking near Philadelphia International Airport. Those that are traveling can conveniently park nearby the airport giving them the same convenience they would have with airport parking. However, Jet Stream Parking only costs a fraction of the price compared to airport parking.

Check Out Loyalty Programs

If you plan ahead, you’ll have plenty of time to scour the internet for loyalty programs. There are a lot of airports and parking lots near airports that offer discounts to members of their loyalty programs. Contact the airports where you’ll be flying to determine if you can get a discount. When you plan ahead, you’ll have plenty of time to sign up for loyalty rewards. Some parking garages near airports offer the same benefits.

Park And Stay Packages

Many hotels located near airports offer what are known as park-and-stay packages. These packages help you save money compared to the overall price of parking and staying at the hotel. This is a great way to save money if you plan to stay near the airport or at a particular hotel. However, this isn’t your best option if you’re searching for the most budget-friendly choice. Hotels that offer these packages usually tend to be on the pricier side.

Avoid Short Term Parking

Most parking lots charge a certain fee per day. When you opt for short-term parking, this fee is typically higher than the fee for long-term parking. If you only require short-term parking, reserve a spot in a long-term parking lot to save money.

Compare Prices

Before deciding where to park your car, call parking garages, parking lots, and the airport ahead of time. Ask them what their standard fee is for the length of time your car will be there. Then, compare the prices. This is the easiest way to find budget-friendly parking.

Final Thoughts

Comparing prices is a great idea, but remember it can be time-consuming. If you need long-term parking near Philly Airport, skip the tedious task and call us instead. We offer the convenience and low cost that you need regarding parking.