How Jetstream Ensures The Safety Of Your Vehicle

When you’re considering off-site parking for Philadelphia airport, security is likely the top concern that you have. You want to know that your car is going to be kept safe while you’re away. At JetStream Parking, we use several different security strategies to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Here are some methods that we use.

1. Gated Parking Facility

Unlike other off-site parking locations, our parking facility is surrounded by gates. We don’t have open parking sites. This makes our facility a better choice than standard carpool lots which frequently are open. Our gates make it difficult for anyone to access the cars in the lot. Climbing is discouraged due to the pointed tops and sleek design of our fencing.

2. Bright Lights

Criminals are less likely to steal a car or items from a car in brightly lit areas. That’s why our car parking lot has tons of lights. Not a single area of our lot is without light. This deters criminals from accessing cars.

3. Limited Entry and Exit Point

To gain access to the lot, individuals have to go through our check-in system. They’re unable to enter without either paying for their spot or showing us their lot number. This makes it difficult for just anyone to enter the lot. It also means our employees can keep track of those who come in and out of our facility.

4. Security Guard Presence

We take the safety of your cars seriously. That’s why we employ a security force to keep an eye on the lot at all times. They’re charged with investigating any disturbances and ensuring trespassers are caught and charged accordingly. You can be safe in the knowledge that your car is always being protected.

5. Surveillance

In addition to our security force, we also have surveillance. Our cameras watch the parking lot 24/7. If something seems amiss, then our security force is notified immediately. Our surveillance system can capture the identity of criminals.

Keep Your Car Safe During Your Travels

Safety is important to us. That’s why we also offer free shuttle rides for our guests. They can safely and comfortably be taken to the Philadelphia airport with peace of mind. We utilize several different safety strategies to ensure the safety of your car as well. Bring your car to our parking lot and enjoy your trip without worrying about its safety.