Gone For The Summer? Learn About Long Term Airport Parking  

Gone For The Summer? Learn About Long Term Airport Parking  

If you’re planning a vacation and need long-term airport parking in Philadelphia, there are a few things you’ll need to know. Choosing the best service is essential to keeping your car protected and giving you peace of mind. This article will cover all the information you need to know about what long-term parking is and what you need to know before choosing your service.

What Does “Long-Term Parking” Mean?

Many vacationers are confused by the words “long-term parking.” It doesn’t just refer to extended vacation parking needs. Anytime you need to park overnight or longer, you’ll need long-term parking. You can also consider it based on parking that will reach the maximum daily rate of parking fees.

Where Can I Find Long-Term Parking at the Airport?

Major airports dedicate a parking lot to long-term parking. It’s typically located outside of the main parking structure. Many airports call this parking area economy parking. Although some may have both long-term and economy parking lots. However, when deciding where to park at Philadelphia International Airport, there are alternatives to economy parking, such as Jet Stream Parking. Our offsite parking facility offers exceptional security features to give you peace of mind while traveling. You’ll also have access to free shuttle service to and from the airport, making it very convenient.

What’s the Difference Between Long-Term and Short-Term Parking?

The primary difference between long-term parking and short-term parking is the way the rates are charged. With short-term parking, you’ll be charged by the hour you are parked. Alternatively, long-term parking rates are charged by the day. Additionally, the location of the airport parking facilities is different. Short-term parking is often referred to as terminal parking because it’s located adjacent to the terminals. Because of this, it’s charged at a much higher premium. Because they’re hourly, these spots are generally for those who are dropping off someone who is leaving for a trip and not taking one themselves.

What’s the Best Long-Term Parking Solution Near Philadelphia International Airport?

If you need long-term parking near Philadelphia PA Airport, the best choice is Jet Stream Parking. The options are more affordable than standard airport parking and are available for any length of stay. Your vehicle will be kept in a securely fenced-in area with an open-air parking lot and a well-lit covered parking structure. You’ll avoid all the hassles of traffic and high costs that the airport offers with its parking amenities.

Rely on Jet Stream Parking for All Your Long-Term Parking Needs

No matter how long your trip is, we have you covered at Jet Stream Parking. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your car is under constant security surveillance. We’ll save you money on your parking expenses so you can put it toward your vacation. Visit our website to learn more about our services.