Getting In Late Safety Measures For Finding Your Vehicle At Night

Getting In Late? Safety Measures For Finding Your Vehicle At Night

Have you ever planned a trip to the detail, only to find out that your flight is arriving late at night, and you will be left in the dark looking for your car? You may not feel 100% safe doing so, and we don’t blame you. That is why when you park your car off site with us at Jetstream Parking, for Philadelphia International Airport short term parking, you can be sure that you will have protection around the clock. However, with carjackings, kidnappings, sexual assaults, and other violent crimes on the rise, it is always a good idea to stay cautious when you peruse the parking lot in the evening looking for your car. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Scan Your Vehicle At A Distance

Looking beneath your car from a safe distance, try to see if you can identify anyone hiding, or if any foreign object has been placed there. Scan the car next to the driver’s side door for anything suspicious. As you walk closer, glance at the back bumper or front bumper, if either is facing a wall, and determine if there is anyone near it, ducking out of sight. Also, check your tires to be sure they aren’t flat. 

2. Never Walk Alone

If you travel alone, there is no harm in asking security for a ride or an escort to your car for your own safety. If you are shy about asking, then walk when there are many others walking in the same direction.

3. Locate Your Keys Before Exiting The Airport 

You should have your keys in your hand, ready to open the car door, long before you approach it. It isn’t wise to search through your bag or pocket for your keys, by your vehicle, like a sitting duck. Also, once you open the door and get in the car, lock all your doors and leave the area. If you want to make a call or text, or adjust the radio, wait until you can pull into a gas station or another lit, safe area to do so.

4. Trust Your Intuition

If something feels wrong in your gut, it probably is. Humans are equipped with an intuition to sense danger, so if something is telling you to head back inside do not ignore that feeling.  In conclusion, distractions and daily obligations sometimes make us vulnerable to criminal activity in ways that we do not consider. But, by following these tips and parking your vehicle in a secure, safe, offsite parking area, such as the PHL airport overnight parking provided by Jetstream Parking, you can relax, knowing that you will get to your car without harm. To learn more about our lots and services, give us a call today!