Airport Parking VS. Jet Stream: Pros and Cons

Airport Parking VS. Jet Stream: Pros and Cons

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a long-term getaway or a short business trip, it’s always stressful to decide how you and your travel buddies will get to the airport on time. You can just picture the array of choices, ranging from depending on a friend or family member, hoping they won’t be late, to calling a rideshare or hailing a taxi while dragging around your bags and carry-ons. It can cause a major headache quite quickly, and you will begin to wonder if it is worth the hassle. However, what is the alternative? Well, you can drive yourselves, of course. But, you may not want to deal with airport parking. Did you know that there is another option for parking your vehicle, though? There are offsite parking lots, such as ours at Jetstream Parking, that provide a safe and secure space for parking adjacent to the airport, rather than at it. But, which is better for you? Here we will compare regular airport parking with the advantages of parking with Jetstream:

Parking with Jetstream

If you are always on time, and well-organized when traveling, Jetstream can offer you many benefits over regular airport parking. First of all, due being offsite, our Philadelphia airport extended parking is more affordable. You won’t need to worry about finding a ride to the airport due to our dependable, complimentary shuttle service. There is also no shortage of parking spaces compared to the crowded airport parking lots. There are always plenty of places to park at Jetstream, due to our spacious lots. That also means less waiting time and a much more streamlined experience, resulting in far less stress. You can even book a space ahead by calling us to make a reservation. Another advantage to parking with Jetstream is safety. We are surrounded by floodlights and security fencing. There are also guards and cameras everywhere, so you can feel secure in our lot at all times. You never have to worry about getting to and from your car unscathed when you trust us with your vehicle.

Airport Parking

If you are traveling with many other people, or you are in a real hurry,  you may find that parking at the airport is your best option. However, it must be acknowledged that it will cost you more money, and that can be a dealbreaker for many people. Some airports will offer you discounts if you are a frequent flier, though you can’t count on these deals year-round. You will also find that the airport parking lot is cramped and crowded, so you will need to arrive extraordinarily early to find a viable parking spot. Since it is likely to be so far from the terminal, you will also need time to walk there and get checked in.  In conclusion, Jetstream Parking offers airport travelers a superior alternative to long term and short term Philadelphia airport parking when you are traveling. If you would like more information, or you would like to reserve a spot on a given day, give us a call today!