5 Ways To Make Getting To & From The Airport Easy  

5 Ways To Make Getting To and From The Airport Easy

A bit of prep work can make your flight to or from Philadelphia go a lot easier. For example, it helps if you arrive in plenty of time to deal with potentially long security lines and walk times to your gate. Airport commutes are not always the simplest, though. At Jet Stream Parking, you can save big and get shuttle service right from your parking spot. That’s just one of the ways to save time on your airport commute.

1. Choose Affordable, Convenient Parking Solutions

If you are driving yourself, look into extended parking at a Philadelphia airport. For example, a service such as Jet Stream Parking is minutes from Philadelphia International Airport and offers security and convenient transportation to and from your vehicle. You can also park oversized vehicles such as RVs and save a good deal of cash on short- and long-term parking compared with parking at the airport itself. Frequent travelers can take advantage of Jet Stream Parking’s rewards program, too.

2. Have Backup Plans

Is your plan to take public transportation to the airport? That’s great, but what happens if the trains have broken down? Whatever your planned mode of transportation is, have a backup plan or two. That way, you still have a clear course of action if a crisis occurs.

3. Check Airport-Related Maps and Websites Ahead of Time

Airports can be overwhelming, especially if you’re tired after a long trip. Check airport maps and websites before your trip so you know what types of transportation are available at your destination and where. For example, do taxicabs line up in a certain place until flights end for the day, and where do the hotel shuttles go? If you’re getting a third-party parking service, do the same thing. Read the website to find out more about the shuttles for Philadelphia airport short term parking: where they pick up and drop off, how often they run, and so on.

4. Reserve Your Spot in Advance

Airport parking can become congested. Fortunately, it is really easy to reserve a spot and pay online with providers such as Jet Stream Parking. You can get price quotes online and change the details if your trip gets shortened or extended. You can also choose short-term or long-term parking, outdoor or indoor parking, and overnight parking.

5. Avoid Peak Traffic Times

Your trip to the airport might take 30 minutes in normal conditions, but it’s anyone’s guess how long it might take during rush hour. Could be 35 minutes, could be an hour, or maybe even two hours. If your flight time means you’re driving during rush hour, you don’t necessarily need to leave hours earlier and hang out at the airport and be bored. Rather, look into fun activities around the airport or restaurants, coffee shops, or stores nearby that you want to check out. You can do the biggest part of your drive during non-peak traffic hours and get some fun stuff in before your flight.

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