5 Things To Consider When Booking Your Flight & Parking Reservations

There a lot of details you need to cover before you can be sure you’re ready to take off on your vacation or business trip. To ensure you have everything settled, here are five things to consider when booking your flight and parking reservations.

1. Consider Delays

While most flights usually arrive and depart on time, there’s always a chance that you might experience a delay. This delay could end up making it impossible to pick up your car or leave your hotel at the scheduled time. You can cover your bases by writing down the number of the parking facility you’re using to contact them about the delay. You can also likely work with the hotel to determine new accommodations. Keeping yourself ready to adapt to changes can help you put out the resulting fires quickly.

2. Determine Weather

Traveling in certain weather conditions is also important to consider. If you intend to travel during the winter, for example, then you may want to take the necessary precautions for storing your vehicle in a parking facility. It might be a good idea to pull your windshield wipers away from the windshield to ensure they don’t freeze to the glass. It might also be a good idea to have plenty of gas in your car just in case. For the hotter months, it may do well to use a car shade to block the sunlight in your car. These little details can help your car safely sit through harsher weather.

3. Remove Personal Items From Your Car

You don’t need to tempt anyone to break into your car. Even if your car is in a secure parking facility, it’s always a good idea to take any personal items from the car with you. Toys, trash, and other items can be left at home. Important paperwork should be brought with you and kept safe. The less temptation there is for a thief to investigate your car, the safer your car is.

4. Walking to the Airport

If you use a parking lot near Philadelphia’s airport, then you’re going to need to consider the transport to the airport. That’s why you should check to see if the parking facility has a shuttle. It can make getting to and from the airport so much easier.

5. Aim For Day Arrivals

Although it’s not always in your power, you should also try to book your flight for arrivals during the day. You may not want to walk in the dark or try to find your car in the dark. It can make getting home just that much more difficult.

Get Your Parking Spot

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